Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holy Meow Mix Batman

Film news Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises from I am stoked about this news. Some people are already doubting...but we also doubted Heath Ledgers Joker.

Superman/Batman Apocalypse

I sat down and watched Superman/Batman Apocalypse last night. I have to say for the most part, I was impressed. The story follows the Jeff Loeb, Michael Turner arc of the Superman/Batman comic, and for the most part was spot on. The animation reminded me of the late Michael Turner's style and you could clearly see that the animators did quite an homage to Mr. Turner. If you haven't read the story arc, by all means pick up the's one of the better stories from the Superman/Batman series.
The other reason that I'm loving this movie is the return of Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly respectfully as Batman and Superman...what more could you want? Okay how about a really sexy Big Barda in a towel?  Hands down one of my favorite scenes is Clark taking Kara out to learn about Earth and watching two guys check out her ass...the look from Clark is hilarious.
 Honestly my only gripe would be Darkseid's voice.  He lacks presence as a villain...Darkseid should sound like evil...not what we have presented by Andre Braugher.
Still give it a go, I think you will be entertained.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News update for January 16th thru the 18th

     We are really trying to get a good start to the new year here at Highburn Studios. I've done some major work on the site. Looking around you will see update icons to link to our Facebook page, a Blogger page, and even a new Twitter account. The store has also been revamped to include links to all of the books we have offered, and if we are out of them here, we linked it to Amazon, Indy Planet, or whom ever the third party would be that has the books in stock.
     I'm really excited about our new blog, it seems to be the best way for us to finally get in touch with you our fans about whats going on in the studio. Being so use to the message board for nearly a decade it's hard to see it go, but it did a good job serving it's purpose over the years. So don't be shy, read the blog, subscribe to our feed, tell us what you love, what you hate, what you want to see us do...WE ARE LISTENING.

    Now on to some news about books:
      I'm of course working on Femme-Noir finishing up the web strips and working on a Top Secret project that I can't really talk about.
      Lyle is of course working on Tribulations #3 and he tells me "I'm finally to the part I'm really excited to draw." Knowing what he has planned, I personally can't wait to see Monument handle this situation in his life. I will say it brings a new light to secret identities. Lyle is also working on the next issue of The Dead Don't Sleep. I'll get him to post some artwork on the blog as soon as possible.
     John is still working on the Infinites, hopefully we can see some more from him soon, but much like my secret project, it has to stay under wraps until he can say more about it.
     Kenny recently finished up the letters to Nova City Stories and is planning his next Horror Anthology. I'll try to get more from him next news update.

    To close, I really enjoyed last weeks interview on Where Monsters Dwell, those guys have a great radio show every Wednesday night starting around 8 Pm EST. Tune in weekly to hear from some great comic creators. I'd also like to say congratulations to our friend Nathan Edmondson on his sellout success of WHO IS JAKE ELLIS #1. If you didn't get it, see if someone at your local comic shop really likes you and let's you in on a great comic.

Till next week.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2010 News Archive

(July 27, 2010)
Okay it's been two weeks since I updated...but with the news we are dropping today it is well worth the wait. To your left you will see the cover of John Andersons latest project the Infinites. This is what John had to say about it; "Here is the cover for issue number one of the upcoming series The Infinites. Written by David W D Thomas, Pencils by Christopher Hanchey, Digital Inks and Colors by Highburn's own John Anderson. For the sharp-eyed, yes it is done in 2 different coloring styles. The series itself is done in four different styles, representing the four different alternate Earth's in which the story takes place. Look for more info when we get closer to publication."
Also you will notice Outlaw Territory has taken the top spot on the order slot. Finally after a two year wait this book is seeing publication from Image Comics. Here is what writer Christopher Mills had to say about it; "About two years ago, I was invited to contribute a story to Image Comics’ Outlaw Territory comics anthology, and then, about one year ago, I turned in that story – drawn by my pals and favorite collaborators Joe Staton and Rick Burchett, with colors by Femme Noir colorist Michael Watkins – to the editor. And waited. Well, apparently the book is finally being solicitedin the next edition of Diamond PREVIEWS, although none of our names appear to made the cut to be listed in the solicitation copy. As Joe says, we're the "...AND MORE!"
Our story, “The Face on the Poster,” turned out quite well, I think, and I’m looking forward to finally having it in print. Editor Michael Woods has assembled a truly impressive line-up of talent for this volume, so for comics fans who like Westerns, Outlaw Territory Vol. 2 looks to be a good bet.
Now add it that Lyle is hard at work on The Dead Don't Sleep and Tribulations #3; Kenny is working on another Horror Anthology and I'm still hammering out another Femme Noir Graphic Novel, Nova City Stories, and Guardians is back in production, you guys are in for some serious action from us.
Until Next Week
Okay it's been two weeks since I updated...but with the news we are dropping today it is well worth the wait. To your left you will see the cover of John Andersons latest project the Infinites. This is what John had to say about it; "Here is the cover for issue number one of the upcoming series The Infinites. Written by David W D Thomas, Pencils by Christopher Hanchey, Digital Inks and Colors by Highburn's own John Anderson. For the sharp-eyed, yes it is done in 2 different coloring styles. The series itself is done in four different styles, representing the four different alternate Earth's in which the story takes place. Look for more info when we get closer to publication."
(July 4, 2010)
Happy Independence Day! Next week I will update the news since this week is more or less vacation time around the US. We here at Highburn wish you all a safe and happy fourth of July holiday
Until next week.

(April 25, 2010)
Free Comic Book Day is upon us. Thats right this Saturday May 1st I will be at Acme Comics doing a signing with my good friend and professional colleague Steve Scott. We will be on hand from 10am till 7pm doing sketches and selling prints and original art. The entire line up at Acme Comics includes: Jeff Parker, Chris Giarrusso, Jeremy Dale, Chris Fason, Jonathan Hickman, Chris Samnee, Christos Gage, Steve Scott, Evan Shaner, and myself. For more information on FCBD at Acme, swing on over to
Until next week.
(April 11, 2010)
ARRGGHH! It's been a month since I have posted any news. Sorry for the delay, but after a major car accident I was unable to do anything until recently. So with a new swing in my step, let's move on and give out some news.
Lyle has recently finished up The Dead Don't Sleep and is around the halfway point on Tribulations #3.
John has started working on The Infinites, a new title from Arcana Publishing. John will be handling inks and colors for this new series.
I'm working on Femme-Noir, Nova City Stories, and will be teaming up with my good friend Steve Scott on Villains Supreme. I've also written the first issue of the next arc of Guardians.
Next up for us is FCBD, where I will be at Acme Comics with a plethora of other artists. As the days get closer I will give you a bigger update on that.
That's all for now so, until next week.
(March 11, 2010)
Another week and some more news for everyone interested in the goings on at Highburn.
Last weekend Lyle, Brynn, and I attended March Madness at Acme Comics. We had a blast doing sketches and meeting all around cool people. A quick shout out to Matt, Ian, and Stephen for being the best, of the best, of the best. Look for some pics of the event soon.
This weekend Lyle will be attending the North Carolina Comic Con. This is the inaugural show, so drop by and give some support to these guys. For more information check out
John has recently started work on a comic series, when we get more information from him, we will pass it directly to you. Also look for NOVA CITY STORIES issue 1 to go to print soon as well as a new title from Lyle, THE DEAD DON'T SLEEP.
I'm still working on FEMME NOIR and NOVA CITY STORIES as well as finalizing some details on GUARDIANS.
Until next week.
(February 27, 2010)
Welcome to another installment of Highburn News, maybe we should come up with a catchy title or something? I digress, anyway, this coming weekend don't forget to clear your calendars for a weekend with Lyle Pollard and myself at Acme Comics in Greensboro. We will be kicking of the start of a month long March Madness for independent creators. We will have copies of TRIBULATIONS and GUARDIANS for sale as well as prints and sketch cards. For more information visit
In other news I have recently started contributing a column to a great magazine. Check out for some great information on comics, games, and featured artists from shows such as The Boondocks and Family Guy.
Also today at 4pm they are expecting a tsunami to hit the Hawaiian Islands due to the Chilean earthquake, please keep the people of both Chile and Hawaii in your thoughts and prayers.
See you next week.
(February 10, 2010)
Two weeks in a row!! Booyah! Does anyone still use Booyah? Oh well, and now the news.
Lyle and I have been doing sketch cards as of late, they are available on eBay if you would like to see what we have check out for my cards and I'll give you Lyle's eBay page as soon as he puts more cards up.
On the convention note, I have decided not to attend Baltimore or the Adventure Conventions due to schedule limitations...the rest of the crew may show up at other shows and I will update that as soon as possible.
That's all the news for now,
See you next week.
(February 1, 2010)
Look at us making the weekly news happen, so without further delay here is the news.
First thing you will notice is a change on the front of the site. Now you can use on your smart phone. Just click the upper left corner text and you are ready to go. Next up is the change in the headers. Some menu options have been deleted and replaced with fun new things. Convention and shows will now be found with ease. Contacts are being changed, a history of the studio will be added, and soon changes to the comics and store.
On the comics front several of us are making sketch cards. Look for them in the store SOON.
TRIBULATIONS #3 is in the works so is NOVA CITY STORIES #1. Also hopefully soon you will see a Highburn take on some robots that change to vehicles and back. More on that as I find out.
See you in a week.
(January 25, 2010)
Finally a news update. Sorry for the delay sometimes I'm so busy I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.
Recently John and I attended a ring release at Acme Comics for the Green Lantern rings. We had a good time doing *gasp* free sketches. I'll be posting some of the sketches when I get a chance so check back soon.
Right now everyone here is focusing on a project or two and as more comes together you will be the first to know. The big thing is HELP FOR HAITI. All books and merchandise in the store sold will have 50% donated to the Red Cross. OfficeMax has agreed to match .50 to every dollar that is donated. So help out those in need.
See you in a week. Yes WEEKLY!

2009 News Archive

(December 19, 2009)
Michael here to finally update the happenings around the studio. As you can see to your left there is a new title here at the Highburn ranch, NOVA CITY STORIES.
In case you have been under a rock, or "gasp" visiting another website, NCS centers around characters from Lyle Pollard's TRIBULATIONS. NCS is written by Ryan Eldridge, with issue 1 pencils by Lyle, inks by Peter, and colors by yours truly. Issues 2 and 3 will be written by Ryan, with pencils by me, inks by John Anderson, and colors well by me.

In other news Kenny is currently working on his SLAYER re-vamp, Lyle and Peter are working on TRIBULATIONS, I'm back to work on FEMME NOIR, NCS, and a re-vamp of GUARDIANS.
Well it's only 5 days left until Christmas, so everyone here at Highburn wishes you all a Merry Christmas.
Until next year

(August 13, 2009)

Hey there, boys and girls!!

Lyle here, giving a quick little update into the wonderful world or Highburn and what's going on with all your favorite people!!

-Mike is sweating like a slave and working on Femme Noir, a story for the Horrific Tales horror anthology, as well as a story for Clayton Murwin's "Fallen Heroes" graphic novel. On top of that, Mike is working two day-jobs, so if you think you may have seen him somewhere, you probably did. He's working there. He works EVERYWHERE!

-Kenny is working on a story for Horrific Tales, as well as doing up a pretty awesome pin-up for Tribulations #2!

-John is helping Mike with flats on Femme Noir, as well as doing a story for--you guessed it--the Horrific Tales horror anthology!

-Ryan is currently writing up issue 3 of Nova City Stories, as well as working on a potential Highburn Crossover! HOO-AH!!

-Peter Palmiotti is currently working on a TON of stuff, including the inking of the first issue of Nova City Stories!

-As for lil' ol' me, I'm working finishing up the colors on Tribulations #2, penciling on issue 3 of Tribulations, and getting ready to start up on "My Dead Parents", as well as Nova City Stories #2!

As for when you'll be able to see the entire Highburn crew again, look for us ALL to be at the Baltimore Comic Con, the second weekend in October (10th and 11th, for those of you to lazy to look at a calendar).

That's all we've for now! Feel free to come by the forums and chat it up with us, and let us know what you guys think!



(June 17, 2009)
The almost the entire Highburn gang is off this weekend to the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC. The show is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Charlotte Convention Center. It's a super family friendly show made possible by Shelton Drum, and the rest of the awesome crew of Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. Come down and see us all I will be at table AA-822 with Brynn Oliver. John and Kenny will be at table SP-30. Randy and Lyle will be at table SP-28. We will all be selling prints, comics, and available for commissions.
(May 7, 2009)
I was just informed that, Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries is the winner of the second annual Spinetingler Awards for best comic. Kudos to Christopher Mills, Joe Staton, Mark Stegbauer, myself, and Matt Webb. Special thanks to Lyle Pollard and John Anderson.
(May 5, 2009)
Man time has sure flown by recently, and though the updates have been lax, everyone here at the studio has not. In the last month Kenny, Brynn, and myself did the Roanoke Valley Comic Con. It was a small show, and we had some fun. So maybe it will one that we do again if our schedules permit. Saturday of course was Free Comic Book Day...and my hand still hurts from it. I did a sketch and sign and Acme Comics, rounding out the day with a massive 162 sketches, and quite the blister to prove it.
The next show on the agenda is a gallery show. The open reception is May the 16th, starting at 2:00pm at the Daily Grind in Martinsville. The show features art by Michael Watkins, Steve Scott, Jim Amash, Tracey Yardley, Joe Staton, Mark Stegbauer, Brynn Oliver, Lyle Pollard, Nathan Masengill, Matt Koger, and others. The work will be on display until July so stop by and check it out. After that we are gearing up for Heroes Con, with more to follow on that in the next update.
On the book front look for a re-release of Tribulations #1, sporting a new cover by Lyle Pollard, Peter Palmiotti, and Michael Watkins. Also Tribulations #2 is in the works for a Heroes Con release. On the stands now is Femme Noir The Dark City Diaries Trade Paper Back from Ape Entertainment, Iron Sirens #4 from Digital Webbing, and if you shop still has a FCBD copy of the Ape Cartoonapalooza you should grab one. Kenny is also looking for more stories for his next Horror Anthology, so hit him up on the boards here if you would like to be included.
I'd also like to take the time to congratulate Randy and Krystal Parker on the birth of their first child. See and you all thought Randy hadn't been doing anything. :)

That's all for now..whew it should be enough.
(Jan. 22, 2009)
Well we have our new President in office now and it seems the country is abuzz with the possiblities of a new hope for not only, a return to American dream but, a stronger future for not only ourselves but our country as well. It's exciting to see people optimistic and willing to accept the challenges that lie ahead. That being said, let's take a look at what is going on around the Highburn ranch as of late.
Lyle, Brynn, and myself will be at booth 2475 for the New York Comic Con, February 6th- 8th held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Stop by and say hi, grab some sketches and maybe some cool Highburn swag along the way. We will have issues of Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries, E-Man: Curse of The Idol, Tribulations, and Guardians for sale at our booth, so here is a good chance to complete your Highburn collections. For more information about the NYComic Con visit their site by clicking the following link.
(Jan. 2, 2009)
Man it is hard to believe 2008 is gone already. What a whirlwind year for comics, entertainment, and all of us here at Highburn.
On the downside we have had to mourn the loss of plenty of greats from the comic and entertainment industry including; Michael Turner, Heath Ledger, Steve Gerber, Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, Michael Silberkleit, George Carlin, Bernie Mac, and Ertha Kitt, along with countless others.

On the bright side of things, wow! What a year for comics, especially comics to film. We witnessed tons of comics brought to screen; Iron Man, the Hulk, the award winning Dark Knight. Comics witnessed the Avengers reunite with Captain America, Batman has died, The Skrulls battered the Marvel Universe, and DC had it's Final Crisis. WOW!
Of course the year for all of us at Highburn was filled with wonderful surprises, Lyle of course welcomed not only Tribulations into the world, but his daughter Gwen as well. Peter Palmiotti, Todd Davis, and Ryan Eldridge joined our ranks. Todd married his wonderful girlfriend Kat. Guardians was moved out of self publishing and to a publishing company, of course at the end of the year it is back at Highburn under a new development. Highburn Studios and Midnight Horizon finally moved to making Midnight Horizon Comics the publishing house for all of our titles.
Also several of the creators here have really jumped up in the comics industry. I'm currently doing colors on Femme Noir for Ape Entertainment, with flats being provided by John and Lyle. I had the pleasure of working with artist Steve Scott on of all things THE DARK KNIGHT, which was an honor and a privilege. I also teamed up with John to color E-Man for Digital Webbing with Lyle providing flats again. The biggest announcement though is starting this month I will be coloring Sonic The Hedgehog for Archie Comics. Truly a surreal year for the studio.
We also branched out on the convention circuit, going to several new conventions including; the Baltimore Comic Con, the Paper Heroes Con, the Raleigh Comic Show, the Roanoke Comic Show, and look for Lyle, Brynn, Peter, and myself to be at the New York Comic Con in February. I'll post more information on that at a later date.
Everyone here at Highburn would like to extend our thanks to everyone who supported us through the years, we couldn't do this without YOU. A heartfelt thanks, and may the year bring you the best in both your personal and professional lives.


News Archive 2008

(Nov. 28, 2008)
We hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving, or national stuff your face day. What every you would like to call it. So things have been changing around here and it's time to give out some more news.
I'm currently working on a new issue of Femme Noir for Ape Entertainment entitled The Ringus. This will be a story to fill in the page gaps from the upcoming trade of THE DARK CITY DIARIES. Also in the world of the Guardians. I have recently tapped Todd Davis as the new scribe of the series, we are in the plotting stages now and should have a new volume with a new issue 1 out sometime during the beginnings of 2009. Todd also has a new story Remember Tomorrow in the works with pencils by yours truly.
The second issue of Tribulations is currently being flatted by Lyle with the first three pages already being sent to me to finish up.
The new series of stories involving the cast of Tribulations, Nova City Stories. is moving along quite well. Lyle and Ryan have truly crafted a masterpiece in this story.
Thats all for now,
(Oct. 16, 2008)
We will be at booth 91 for the Paper Heroes Con this weekend in Burlington Square Mall. Come by and visit, me, Kenny, Lyle, and Chris McJunkin.
In other news I have wrapped up all the colors on Femme Noir for Ape Entertainment. My next project will be a story for the wounded soldiers graphic novel, and the completion of the next issue of Guardians.
The second issue of Tribulations is well underway with only four pages of art left to be penciled and inked. Then it is off to me for colors and Kenny for some letters. Do not miss this issue, featuring the inks of Peter Palmiotti and a HUGE turning point in the story of Monument.
I am also pleased to announce a new series of stories involving the cast of Tribulations, simply entitled Nova City Stories. More information on this will be coming soon.
Until next time,
(Oct. 4, 2008)

We will be attending the Paper Heroes Comic Con in Burlington, NC on October 18th and 19th. For more info about the show visit them at
(Oct. 2, 2008)
The Baltimore Comic Con was a great show, probably the BEST con I have attended in years. The staff was very friendly, helpful, and they really went out of their way to take care of the artists and the fans. Kudos to Marc Nathan and the rest of his staff, and thank you for a very enjoyable visit.
On the work side of things, I've talked with several publishers and am looking at the possibility of at least four new projects. In comic terms that means maybe one of them will come through. Until I hear anything I'll be finishing up Femme Noir and then pushing straight through to Guardians and Tribulations.

Several of us have also made plans with Clayton Murwin, a.k.a the Hero Maker to do a benefit book for the soldiers who have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you are a soldier with a story to tell, we would love to hear from you so that we can tell some REAL stories about the War on Terror and the REAL heroes that it is affecting. For more information visit Clayton at or check our forums.

In other news we have all lately been talking about the future of both Highburn Studios and Midnight Horizon Comics, so we have fully merged to forgo any more confusion. All the books from here out will be published from Midnight Horizon except for Guardians which will stay with Dakuwaka Publishing. This will not change any of the books in terms of quality. The main reason is to focus Highburn as a studio in the comics field so that artists and writers here will be able to move around on projects as well as have a safe workhaven. The only major change will be Kenny is handling publishing all the books, and I will be handling working with, and training new artists.That's all for now so until next time. -Michael
(SEP. 14, 2008)
John, Brynn, and I will be at booth 31 for the Baltimore Comic Con. The show will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center Sept 27th and 28th. Hope to see you all there.
(AUG. 28, 2008)
Several of the Highburn Studios and Midnight Horizon books have completely SOLD OUT!!
Congratulations to Lyle for selling out Tribulations #1. This has been the fastest moving title from Highburn since the Guardians Prologue. Also the Slayer One-Shot, Slayer #2, and Expulse #1 have completely SOLD OUT!!
A sincere thanks to everyone who has purchased these books.
(AUG. 27, 2008)
John, Brynn, and I will be attending the Baltimore Comic Con, the weekend of September 27th and 28th. Hopefully copies of Femme Noir will be available by the show. If not we will still have plenty of Highburn and Midnight Horizon goodies to offer. Hope to see you all there.
(AUG. 26, 2008)
Welcome back, if you think you are at the wrong site, don't worry you're not. We have just updated our look slightly to cram in more Highburn goodness, including a brand new web comic.
Now on to the news. We have several major announcements to make, so in no certain order here they are:
First, I have been chosen as the new colorist for Ape Entertainment's Femme Noir. The book is penciled by comic great Joe Staton and written by Christopher Mills.
Secondly, John and I have been chosen as the colorists for Digital Webbing's E-Man.
Our third announcement is the addition of Peter Palmiotti to the Highburn family. Peter's inks have been seen in project from all the major companies, and we are delighted to see what his caliber of work will bring to our books. Expect to see his inks on Guardians and Tribulations.
How much more could we possibly have to share? Well how about our fourth announcement is that I have also had the privilege of also teaming with Indiana Jones artist Steve Scott. Together we have done several prints and projects including some Dark Knight work and the Hulk.
Oh but wait there's more. I have also recently signed Guardians to stay with Dakuwaka Publishing and Platinum Studios. Platinum has recently acquired WOWIO and has made plans to move it's properties toward more commercial avenues including television and video games.
And lastly our biggest news yet, Randy and Krystal are expecting. So if you see them out tell them congratulations, give them a high five, or even a good game pat. Well I don't know about the last two but congratulations I'm sure will do fine.
That's all the news I have for now. If you noticed the date at the top of the news...well plans are for me to keep the news updated now as it comes along. So check back often.
Until next time,