Monday, February 28, 2011

News update for the week of February 21st thru the 26th

(February 21, 2011)
Three Weeks!! Sorry guys that it’s been so long since I updated the news or the blogs. Both Lyle and I had hard drive failures on all of our computers, which for the most part shut the studio down. Luckily Brynn and John had a lot of files and Lyle and I had backups, so everything is back up and now we are back on schedule. So without any further delays let’s move on to some news.
First off I’m still working on my secret project as well as Femme-Noir: The Chamber. Now due to my computer crash I am unfortunately starting from scratch on Femme-Noir again...ugh. Anyway after I wrap up these two projects I will be returning to one of my own projects.
Lyle has finished Tribulations #3 and is beginning to work on the next issue of Nova City Stories.
John has wrapped up the Infinites issue #2 and is beginning issue #3.
Kenny is still in the development stages of his next Horror Anthology.
That pretty much wraps up the last three weeks and barring anymore unforeseen circumstances we will see you again next week.