Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lyle plays with Prismas.

Well, I got me a set of cool grey Prismacolor markers at a STEAL, so I've been playing around with them, with moderate success. Went over my X-Men 1 cover first, then my ASM#648, and then I just finished up this Death of Spider-Man issue this morning. Little Gwen said she "liked it", so I guess it's professional quality. She has very discerning tastes.

On a sadder note, a gigantic hurricane has prevented me from making it to Ultimate Comics Anniversary party today. Pesky hurricanes. Me and the fam are wrapped up tightly in here, and I hope you and yours and keeping safe if you are in the way of this storm!

Until next time, boys and ghouls!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Color Zombies & Black Spidey

Yeah, I've been a busy bee this week (do people still say that, or is there internet-speak that has replaced it?). Two commissions, one 30 minute Spidey pic, and a LOT of work on The Dead Don't Sleep. Been fairly productive, and I just felt like sharing! Enjoy!

Oh yeah, don't forget, Ultimate Comics in Durham this Saturday! Raising fund for NC Comicon, and I would love to see you there!!