Monday, September 26, 2011

Gears of War 3!!!

Well, that time has finally come. That's right, the time when a video game yanks Mike and myself off of the internet for awhile in order for us to murder hundreds. That's right, Gears of War 3 dropped last Tuesday, and it has consumed us both. Me moreso, as I actually drew the accompanying piece for a contest held over on Deviant Art.

Aside from this, I'm going with renewed vigor in my pursuit to finish The Dead Don't Sleep issue #2, and then it's finishing up Tribulations #3 (just waiting on colors!). So, I'm plenty busy, with this and my ebay auctions (search for seller lylefire319 ), so don't think I'm slacking. Well, this past week, I have been!

Working our way towards NC Comicon, people! Hope to see you all there!!!

-Lyle Pollard