Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're back!!!!

     After a great weekend at the NC Comic Con we have all returned to our normal daily adventures. Even though we were all exhausted everyone left with a smile on there faces...well sorta. Lyle and I both have a potential new project in the works...nothing we can discuss now but it will be awesome when we can announce it.  Brynn brought Nataly for her first ever Comic Con and she was a huge hit walking around as Batgirl...or BatNat as I've grown to call her. Lyle of course brought Gavin to his first Comic Con...but being impatient he hasn't given Gavin a chance to be born yet...nerd training and still in utero..LOL.
     Anyway thanks to everyone for helping us close out the year of conventions with such a wonderful and friendly show. We will see you all next year on the con circuit...but stay tuned to our site..the best is still yet to come.