Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yama Con Round 3

Michael here, and I'm two days into Yama Con Round 3. The catch phrase for the show is the third time is the charm, and I have to admit after being a little hesitant at the beginning of day two that I am plesantly surprised at the outcome so far. First off I'm going to be extremely real feelings could get hurt, now that being said, lets get to the point. Yama Con is mostly an anime con, and for a comic illustrator these shows are like a death sentence that is slowly caried out as you are starved and usually punished with some torture  akin to having to listen to NSYNC on repeat for 13 days straight. That being said I have been plesantly surprised that within two days and I have meet a lot of comic fans at this show, sold quite a bit of comic art, and trust me a comic illustrator making money at an anime con is a very rare occurance. 
Now lets talk about the staff here, these guys take great care of the special guests, from home cooked meals, to full travel accomidations being taken care of. Travel to and from the show is provided, a very nice green room... you name it and Nick, Charlie, Tim, Becky, and Kathy have taken care of it. I truly have nothing but admiration for the amount of time and attention that each special guest is given, if you are ever invited to this show...look forward to being treated like a superstar.  
So thats just a little taste of how the show has been going for us so far, now how about some pictures for closing.  

Burn Bright,