Sunday, January 25, 2015

COMIXOLOGY and Digital Publishing!

One of the biggest changes at Highburn this year will be that we are going back into publishing titles. Of course with the market that needs a new crisis, or ending, or a number, or a series of numbers that make a crisis that ends with new numbers, it’s difficult to find a footing.

With that in mind we reached out to Comixiology and struck up a 5 year deal to publish Highburn books. What does this mean for you? Glad you asked, first off it gives us a way to bring some of our library of titles back, look for books such as Nova City Stories, Tribulations, Guardians, along with others to fill out our digital library as we develop the new content such as Blue Balls, The Dead Don’t Sleep, plus new Tribulations and Guardians issues.

We will be sending out a newsletter snippet when we put up the first titles, all of our older titles will only be .99 cent and DRM Free!

Thats it we are GOING BACK ON THE GRID!